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CSR Aktivitäten


Konica Minolta’s CSR activities are based on its Management Philosophy of “The Creation of New Value,” and upon its Charter of Corporate Behaviour. The Group strives to live up to the trust and expectations of society by fulfilling its responsibilities to all of its stakeholders and by contributing to the realisation of a sustainable society.


CSR Activities

We are working to build a truly global company that is essential to society by making the most of our core technologies to deliver new value.

We put into practice the Konica Minolta Group Charter of Corporate Behaviour and our corporate philosophy of “The Creation of New Value” in order to fulfil our responsibilities to all of our stakeholders.

We strive to achieve an ever-higher level of satisfaction by offering a wide range of products and services that meet the needs of customers and the broader society, including "Optimized Print Services"(OPS), which make companies' document environments much more efficient, and "infirmity," which supports regional collaboration in the healthcare field.

We strive to build a sustainable world by building relationships with our partners based on trust. We do this by ensuring that transactions are both transparent and fair, and by fulfilling our social responsibilities.

We promote the development of human resources and build workplace environments where our employees worldwide can make the most of their abilities and enjoy proactive work.

We provide timely and fair information disclosures to our domestic and international investors and actively communicate with them.

CSR activities at Konica Minolta are highly rated by SRI rating bodies and a variety of other organizations around the world.

Read about Konica Minolta’s CSR efforts and activities – an updated CSR Report is published annually and includes latest details and corporate data.