Konica Minolta


Giving Shape to Ideas



Die Konica Minolta ist ein führender Anbieter von Komplettlösungen für die unternehmensweiten Druck- und Dokumentenworkflows im B2B-Bereich. Als Projekt- und Lösungsexperte bietet das Unternehmen Gesamtpakete, die aus Beratung, Hard- und Softwarelösungen, Dienstleistungen sowie Service und Support bestehen.


The Konica Minolta brand

The Konica Minolta brand shows intellectual creativity with its challenging, reliable, friendly personality. Four unique characteristics help realize the ideal value of the brand: broad technical expertise covering the entire imaging field; a culture relentlessly committed to creating great products and services; unique product groups developed from integrated technologies; a marketing service network that swiftly copes with customers’ needs.
The essence of our brand is Konica Minolta’s comprehensive technological expertise that yields highly original innovations, which are a constant source of surprise to customers.

The logo is a representation of our brand value and company name and expresses what Konica Minolta offers to customers. The logo consists of the symbol (globe mark) and logotype, each of which has the following meanings.

The symbol mark

This mark is a representation of the Earth. We call it a "globe mark" because it expresses the infinite expansion of Konica Minolta and the offering of innovative value to customers throughout the world. The elliptical form expresses the offering of reliability and security to customers and the harmony of our wide-ranging technological expertise. The five lines represent light beams and express our competence in the field of imaging. The blue colour of the symbol mark expresses creative innovation. We call it "innovation blue."

The logotype

The logotype expresses precision and quality in the field of imaging and the continuation of the fresh surprises that we offer to customers.