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Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe provides three different levels for companies with skills in software development to participate in the Developer Support Program.

  Silver Level Gold Level Platinum Level
DSP Resources      

PDL specifications

(PJL / PCL / PS)

MIB specifications (Standard MIBs & Konica Minolta Enterprise MIB)

IPP specifications

(Internet Printing Protocol)


specifications & SDK

bEST OpenAPI MFP Simulator (SimWin)
bEST OpenAPI sample applications
bEST OpenAPI Tools
bEST Fax- and Printer Driver API / SDK  
Konica Minolta Enterprise MIB definition file  
Vendor I/F specifications  

bEST IWS Resources(2)

(specs / sample Apps)

TCP Socket protocol spec.  
Requesting CMS Solution keys
Access to DSP forums
Access to DSP News section
DSP Newsletter
Access to DSP Shop System  
Access to DSP services      
DSP Open course Trainings   ✓ (1)
DSP Closed course Trainings  
DSP Lab usage   ✓ (1)
DSP Onsite Support  
DSP Remote Support   ✓ (1)
Technical escalation/support   ✓ (1)
Annual membership fee Free of charge 2000€ Members are selected by
Konica Minolta

(1) included in annual Gold Level membership fee


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