Embellissement - Transformez votre impression grâce à la technologie du vernis numérique

Pourquoi une expérience sensorielle a un sens commercial réel

Create sensory experiences with your text. You won't regret it.

La "technologie haptique" permet de stimuler le toucher dans l'environnement numérique, et les imprimeurs commerciaux les plus performants d'aujourd'hui améliorent déjà leurs services en utilisant cette technologie pour offrir un...

Countless print providers nowadays – both offset and digital – offer "just printing" as a standard service. But the visionary players in the market are looking to diversify and enhance their product by creating a new, more appealing printing process. It has always been possible to create special effects such as spot gloss, three-dimensional printing and a metallic, shiny look. With conventional production methods, however, this was often inefficient and time-consuming – ruling it out as a service, especially for short-run jobs subject to tight deadlines. Now, with new digital varnish technology from renowned French company and strategic partner MGI, Konica Minolta is revolutionising the industry for providers wishing to offer both direct customers and end-users something very special indeed (and maximise their profits while doing so).

The new technology 

The new technology lets you spot coat prints, highlight defined areas and add 3D effects for your customers – creating a completely different, tactile experience and vivid print product that's sure to make your company's name and reputation stand out from the run-of-the-mill printing crowd. MGI digital technology turns printed jobs into spectacular and irresistible products that will grab and hold your customers' attention – and that of their customers in turn.

Digital varnish technology is perfectly suited to a wide range of different applications – from books to exclusive business cards, high-end invitations, packaging, POS materials and more. It offers an unrivalled set of features including a full-page scanner, high productivity with single-pass printing, ease of use and more, making the whole commercial experience a more enjoyable one for your immediate customers. (And one they will be prepared to pay over-the-odds for.)

The printing market is evolving at speed. There is no longer much profit to be made from "me-too products". That's why the visionary players in the market are currently investing in digital varnish technology, a new print embellishment technique that is unleashing new levels of creativity, differentiating products and enabling customers to offer a more attractive and memorable product – and making the printing process profitable for all involved.

MGI JETVARNISH 3D TECHNOLOGY helps you attract new prospects and realise lucrative market opportunities by providing customers with ultra-precise spot coatings, letting you handle digital or offset originals in long or short runs, and even varying the thickness of your coatings for attractive prints with tangible depth to increase communications impact. This new and exciting technology is interesting for any print provider operating toner, offset or print systems, and lets the user add a creative touch to a wide range of applications. 

What exactly are print embellishment techniques – and how will they benefit my company?

Print may be just ink on paper, a product or label, but embellishment transforms it into an experience with a sensory haptic– i.e. tactile – edge over the competition. When customers 'feel' raised wording on packaging, they are far more likely to touch it, and even more likely to buy it. Embellishments can be added inline on select digital production presses, and offline using dedicated print enhancement solutions.

Print embellishment – a finishing touch you, your customers and their customers will all feel good about

Against this backdrop, print providers and marketers are increasingly looking to add these spectacular effects to differentiate their products from other brands and add 'touchable' value to the printed piece. Commoditisation processes also affect many products, and embellishments help any product not only stand out and differentiate, but also fight price erosion. In the past, embellishments tended only to be found in premium products; today, the effects are turning up in personal and hair care, food and confectionery, cosmetics products and a host of other industries.