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Infrastructure Management Services



Managed solutions for your business-critical infrastructure

Modern organisations attach great importance to the various technologies they employ to effectively manage their working environment – these include servers, workstations, network components, websites and internet connections. Managing these infrastructures can become a significant burden – and should any technology fail, the financial implications could be considerable.

Employing a specialist Managed Services provider like Konica Minolta will help you reduce the burden associated with the management of critical business infrastructure – freeing your staff to dedicate more time to their everyday business, or give more focus to strategic decision making.

Infrastructure Management Services from Konica Minolta enable you to outsource the responsibility for the effective management of the IT infrastructure required to run your business. This is achieved through the deployment of a fully managed service, including 24/7 remote monitoring, under which issues can be proactively identified and subsequently resolved by your Konica Minolta Service Desk.

Use Cases

Requirement Analysis

IT Infrastructure Setup

Application Monitoring and Management

Server Monitoring and Management

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