Moteur de recherche d'entreprise

Moteur de recherche d'entreprise


Find information instantly – Fast, one-click retrieval with Enterprise Search Software

[Translate to CH - French:] Today’s knowledge workers face a greater flood of information and data than ever – no doubt you experience this yourself! You probably find it more and more difficult to access what you are looking for; but searching extensively for specific documents wastes time, creates considerable and unnecessary expense, and ultimately reduces your company’s competitiveness.

Our Enterprise Search Software can help you find all relevant data and information in an instant. The searchable application index provides immediate access exactly to what you are looking for. No matter where the information is hiding – in e-mail attachments, scanned documents, on SharePoint sites, the company intranet, or across departmental application silos – this out-of-the-box enterprise search tool locates and retrieves any type of data, in any format, from any repository.

You won’t need to migrate data to a central system; simply keep everything where it is currently filed – you can be sure of finding it anyway! All you need to know is “what am I looking for?” but not “where do I have to search?”

It’s that simple for you to reclaim control of your enterprise information and documents! You will soon see benefits in terms of efficiency and increased productivity – and you'll also save money!


  • Increased productivity and time savings
  • No user training required – anyone can operate a search engine!
  • Single point of access – log-in just once to search simultaneously in different data repositories
  • Total visibility – integrated text recognition technology lets you search for actual content inside each file
  • No system change required – Enterprise Search indexes already both existing and newly created content
  • Fast deployment and fast ROI – this software can be deployed in very short time and reduces time spent for lengthy searches from day one