With electronic data representing crucial company assets, security is a vital factor for modern, IT-supported enterprises. You have gigabytes of data circulating in your corporate IT system, which makes watertight controls essential for you to stop information leakage and ensure that only the right people have access to confidential data.

  • You don’t want information lying around openly in printer output trays for anyone to see.
  • You want to reduce the risk of information leakage when documents are handled by many people.
  • You need effective means of controlling output security and identifying potential leaks quickly and reliably.


bEST Guard

Information Logging

Authentication Technologies

Efficient technologies for document & print security


Secure mobile printing in a private cloud


Print security

Curtails the leakage of confidential information and effectively cuts print costs by avoiding unnecessary printing.

Device access control
The central management of access policies supports maximum security with minimum effort.

Data leakage prevention
Safeguards innovation strength as well as planning security, and minimises the potential costs incurred by data leakage.

Document security
Protects sensitive information immediately after it is created, including corporate repositories with comprehensive document access management, as well as the information in the document itself.