Quocirca Analysis

Quocirca, a leading research and analysis organisation specialising in the impact of Information Technology and Communications (ITC) on business, released a market study in October 2011 looking at print security.  “Closing the print security gap. The market landscape for print security”. The report focused in particular on MFP technologies and associated security aspects including a comparison of selected manufacturers. Konica Minolta was rated as an industry-leading manufacturer in terms of MFP standard security.

“Security is a key element of Konica Minolta’s overall strategy. … Konica Minolta has a comprehensive range of print and document security features, many of which are standard features for their bizhub range of devices. Rather than certifying optional security kits, Konica Minolta claims to have the widest range of ISO15408 fully certified MFPs in the market.”
Source: Quocirca (2011): Market study “Closing the print security gap. The market landscape for print security“, p. 11

Networked printers and multifunctional peripherals have evolved to the extent that they are now an integral part of the network, basically representing sophisticated document processing hubs. These devices are fitted with hard disk drives, often run internal web servers, have the ability to print, copy and scan to network destinations as well as send e-mail attachments and therefore represent the same security risk as any other network device if left unprotected.

Executive summary and recommendations:

1. Lack of print security can compromise an organization.

2. Organizations should not be complacent to the risk of unsecured printers and MFPs.

3. The print security market landscape is a complex array of products and standards.

4. A security assessment of the print environment is vital in uncovering vulnerabilities

5. The complexity of mixed printer fleets introduces greater risk but creates opportunity for best-of-breed products

6. Security and mobility are inextricably linked through the deployment of pull-printing solutions

7. Organizations should develop a print security strategy, ideally integrated with its overall information security approach.

8. The expansion of the managed print services (MPS) market will drive the adoption of print security products.

Although many organisations are partially blind to MFP security vulnerability, device security can be enhanced by implementing various measures. This is one of Konica Minolta’s strength!