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Scan to E-mail

Spoof email warning: Suspicious emails that seems to have been sent from MFP by "Scan to email"*

Thank you very much for your continued patronage of Konica Minolta products.

Recently we have received several reports from our customers regarding suspicious email messages supposedly sent from the MFP by "Scan to email".

[Message from KMBT_{model_name}] is used as a mail subject in the suspicious email, and these email also contains attachment files, whose format is not supported by our MFP.

In case you receive any email messages which you do not expect, please handle it appropriately like other suspicious emails. Please DELETE the message, and DO NOT open any files attached.

Also we recommend our customers who are using "Scan to E-mail" function of our MFP to consult with their MFP administrator and take countermeasures so suspicious emails could be easily distinguished, such as changing the default settings of email subject sent by this function.

Please feel free to contact to our sales representative or call center for any inquiry.

We continuously monitor security vulnerability status of our products, and deal appropriately with them.


*Scan-to email : A function that transmits original data scanned on a MFP as email attachment.